We exist to represent those who have made the conscious choice to become who they are today.

We believe in empowerment through strength.

We believe there is beauty in our imperfection and kindness in our strength.

We strive to be authentic but not perfect.

We may be bent but we are not broken.

Life will challenge us and we must respond.

We adapt, we overcome and we evolve.

We understand that through struggle is born strength.

We have changed the way the world sees us and the way that we see the world.

We are kind by default but ferocious when necessary.

We will do no harm but we will take no shit.

We expect the best but prepare for the worst.

We are united in our mission and unapologetic in its pursuit.

Time with the iron has built strength where once was weakness.

Facing our fears has built bravery where once was cowardice.

We are NOT born this way.